Hair Replacement for Women

Hair Fusion System

Our Hair Fusion System is a state-of-the-art hair enhancement system that adds any amount of fullness, length, and body to your own existing hair. Our Hair Fusion System is integrated with a frontal unit and blended with your own hair and fused with hair extensions. Each unit is individually tailored to your scalp lines and shape. This technique is especially great for people who have hair damage from overused hair weaves, over processing, or for people who suffer effects from any type of hair loss. This technique is used extensively by the stars, and you would never know who is wearing a Hair Fusion System.

The Hair

What do people look at first? The Hair... Is your real hair fine & limp? If you want beautiful, natural looking hair, FHS, hair Replacement will make your hair system to match your hair color, density, wave or curl, and length. This ensures that any solution will blend naturally with your own hair, becoming virtually undetectable.

The Side Hairline

This area is very important. Women might want to brush their hair back into a ponytail. With FHS system you will be able to wear many hairstyles which are brushed, pinned or clipped back from the face.

Hair Density

If hair is too dense it simply has no room to move into certain hairstyles. When other companies use their thinning shear in order to adjust the density of a factory system they lose the scalp-like appearance that the system should have. A system needs to be made with approximately the same amount of hair tied into the base as the hair you have in the area that the system will be placed against. This is necessary because an undetectable hair replacement system requires that a certain amount of scalp be seen through the hair system.

The Right Base Material

We at FHS can customize all of our own systems which allow us to offer you many options in regard to base materials or combinations of materials. Each material has pluses and minuses which we can discuss during your consultation.

Breathability & Washability

FHS believes in designing and producing systems for women that breathe. Today's women are very active. So, whether you are training for a triathlon or jogging on a treadmill, your system must be as breathable as you own hair. FHS systems can be shampooed in the shower, worn in a pool or a hot tub. When you are laying on a chaise lounge by a hotel pool it should look as good as growing hair would when damp or wet.


Base materials need to be thin and lightweight. If they are too thin they can wear out quickly. If they are too thick then they are too detectable to the touch. We will help you choose base materials that make sense for you and will give you the longevity you might expect from FHS Hair Replacement systems. Our systems for women are ultra custom, comfortable and undetectable to both sight and touch in most situations.