How we do it

Step One: Research and Measurements

Fresno Hair Solutions begins with a private consultation with an expert image consultant who will perform a “micro-video” analysis to help determine how best to approach to your hair loss condition. Our technician-stylist pays attention to your age, lifestyle, and skin color, as well as the texture and density of your hair. With this information in mind, we are able to tailor a derma template that is specific to your needs and lifestyle.

The actual area of restoration is precisely determined, then a scalp impression is made to faithfully reproduce that exact area. These measurements, when evaluated with your hair growth pattern and texture determines the actual area of restoration.

Step Two: Customization

Each derma template is customized to duplicate the exact characteristics of your own hair. By using natural human hair we perfectly match your hair color and texture. Because our technicians are also stylists, they know not only what color, but which texture and thickness to select to best suit your needs.

Step Three: Preparation

Immediately before applying the graft, the client's scalp is prepared to exact dermatological standards. Similar to receiving a facial, the client experiences a very pleasurable hygienic protocol of deep cleansing, exfoliation and astringent treatments.

Step Four: Your new Image Enhancement.

Your Micro-Transdermal restoration is then directly grafted to the scalp in the site-specific area of hair loss. This non-invasive procedure enables us to use your own growing hair to its fullest extent, while providing a level of comfort never before dreamed possible.

When complete, your restoration will appear to be your own natural growth, totally undetectable even to the most discerning eye and touch. Even from inches away, your hairline appears to be growing right from your scalp.