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hair loss treatment
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Do you notice your hair thinning out over the years? Hair loss in older adults can be absolutely devasting for a sufferer's self image & emotional well-being. If you are suffering from hair loss, it can be difficult to talk about because it is your appearance and self identity. At Fresno Hair Solutions our consultants are here to restore your self esteem.

hair loss treatment
Men's Treatment

Is your hair thinning slowly? We begin with a private consultation with one of our expert image consultants. We will perform a "micro-video" analysis to help determine how to approach your hair loss condition. Our technician will pay attention to your age, lifestyle, and skin color, as well as the texture and density of your hair.

hair loss treatment
Men are you Balding?

Androgenetic Alopecia, or hair loss due to hormonal changes are very common in 90% of mail hair loss cases. Please contact us for a consultation & let us find you a solution that will change your life & give you back your confidence. Finally a solution that works & fits into any lifestyle.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes you different?

Unfortunately, when it comes to the hair industry, a strong commitment to honesty seems to be the exception rather than the rule. At Fresno Hair Solutions, our reputation is paramount. We hold ourselves accountable to our customers and clients and certify that any and all information you will receive from us is accurate, true, precise and explained in straightforward, easy to understand language.

Why do I need a consultation?

A Consultation gives us the opportunity to meet each other and to show you all of the possibilities visually. We can analyze your unique hair loss problems and together we discuss the many hair loss options available, even if it is a service we do not offer. The more information you have, the better you will feel about your decision. Our staff are trained cosmetologist and hair loss technicians, not sales people. We offer hair loss solutions without any pressure or sales tactics.

Our consultation is a casual, often fun, meeting in which inhibitions and fears are shed and friendships are often formed.

What's wrong with ordering a hair system "direct" from a website?

When you purchase a hair system, chances are you plan to wear it every day in order to conceal your hair loss. And if your direct order turns out not to look that great, or if it falls apart quickly, then what?

In recent years, many websites have popped up that claim to sell custom hairpieces at ridiculously low prices. Some of them even claim that they are from the same factories that other hairpiece studios order from, and sometimes that's true. But a lot goes into the design and production of our handmade custom hair system that you will never be able to replicate by purchasing a bargain basement product that is not custom made for you by a talented designer. And you will NEVER be able to order a hairpiece from any website that is made with the same techniques or materials as our custom hair systems.

You don't have to take our word for it. The one thing we can say about some of these "Direct Order" sites is that the hairpieces are so cheap, it's easy enough to buy one and compare for yourself if you really think it's as easy as that. We'll be happy to let you compare ours to theirs during your private consultation.

Can you repair or service my hair replacement system, even though it was purchased from somewhere else?

If it is serviceable, of course we can. Make an appointment with one of our technicians quote you a price. Note that repairs can take time so please ensure you have other hair systems available to you for use.

Do you design hair systems for thinning hair?

Yes. Because each hair system is designed by Fresno Hair Solutions for each individual client, we can design an integration hair system that utilizes as much of your own hair as possible. After all, what could look more natural than your own hair? This integration system is not for everyone, but if you suffer from thinning hair, this may be your best option.

Some hair replacement companies will tell you that you have to shave your thinning hair in order to wear their product, and this should almost never be the case. The reason they tell their thinning hair clients that, is because they are selling you a stock hair system that isn't made for your degree of hair loss.

What about hair transplants?

In recent years the quality of surgical options for hair replacement has improved, but they have rarely lived up to the hype. Consider this: If you are losing your hair to a sufficient degree to warrant hair replacement in the first place, how will transplanting some of it from front to back ever give you a full head of hair?

If you are seriously considering hair transplants, it's important that you wait until your hair loss has stabilized before you have them. We have many clients who went for hair transplants as soon as their hairlines started to recede, only to discover later that their hairline kept receding behind the new transplanted hair, leaving an obvious gap and giving their secret away to everyone. Additional transplants are a quick fix for this, but it becomes a never-ending cycle, and, in the end, you will never be able to give yourself a full head of hair.

Fresno Hair Solutions is capable of designing a custom hair replacement system for you that will look far more pleasing than any surgical option, and you will not have to deal with the risks associated with surgery.

Do you provide services for people with hair loss due to chemotherapy treatments?

If during your medical treatment (such as chemotherapy) you are advised of possible or even probable hair loss, come and see us.

We will walk you through the entire step-by-step procedures involved with medical hair loss and we will also take all the measurements needed.

Our products are handmade and hand tailored to fit your individual characteristics, following the shape and contours of your scalp and not some markings on a fake porcelain head.

Your new hair will look, feel and act like your own natural hair. It will be fashioned and styled according to your looks and desires and not some celebrity airbrushed picture someone else thought was popular.

The hair color (or colors) you want will be the exact ones you get.

But, what happens if you do not lose your hair?

Happily this is the case more and more often? Will you be stuck with a hair replacement you do not need or want?

Not with us. If it turns out your natural hair remains intact, absolutely no problem. You will not be charged a single cent for our work. If hair loss does happen, we will be there for you, ready and set to move ahead with your new hair without any inconvenience or delay whatsoever.

Our team is committed to helping those affected by hair loss because of cancer treatments. In addition to providing professional services we are also active in the Wigs for Kid's Program. Click here to learn more.

I have problems with Alopecia. Can you help with that?

At Freno Hair Solutions, we understand the oftentimes profound psychological and emotional impact of Alopecia. We offer a nonsurgical approach to treating hair loss due to Alopecia. This special hair system is called “cranial hair prosthesis” and is custom designed to restore your natural appearance. Our hair systems are suitable for thinning hair and less severe cases of Alopecia as well as for covering larger areas of hair loss.

Our hair systems are not a cure for Alopecia but is a high end solution that mimics your own naturally growing hair that will allow you to lead a full and active life with greater confidence.